Who are we?

We are a team of 25+ high school students at Templeton Secondary, located in East Vancouver. We are passionate about building robots and learning about engineering/STEM. Our team participates in the First Robotics Competition, and in Vex Robotics.

Our club was founded in Nov. 2017.

Our Story

In early November of 2017, a student by the name of Arsh Seth showed an interest in robotics. New to the school and country, Arsh set out to meet people that also shared his interests. Thanks to the supportive hand of one Mr. Warren Lloyd, a teacher at Templeton Secondary, Arsh was able to start an afterschool club. Between the budget cuts and insufficient funds, it was a rocky start from the get-go.

What is FRC?

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an annual competition that brings together robotics teams from all around the world to compete with and against each other. For every season, a challenge is set forth and each team is given six weeks to construct a functional robot in order to fulfill the challenge requirements. Dubbed as the “hardest fun you’ll ever have,” FRC is a challenging and exciting opportunity for high school students that not only teaches them the fundamental elements of technology but the experience of working in a microcosm of a small tech company.

Templeton Robotics participates in FRC.

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