About Us

Who are we?

We are a large and diverse group of high school students, from grades 8 to 12, at East Vancouver's Templeton Secondary School. We are passionate about building robots and gaining experience in STEM, marketing and business. We have been participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition since their 2018 season.

The Templeton Robotics Club was founded in November of 2017.

Our story

In early November of 2017, a Templeton student by the name of Arsh Seth showed an interest in robotics. New to the school and country, Arsh set out to meet people that shared his interest. Thanks to the supportive hand of Mr. Warren Lloyd, a teacher at Templeton Secondary, Arsh was able to start an afterschool robotics club. Between budget cuts, inexperience and insufficient funds, it was a rocky beginning.

The Puddle Jumpers

The Puddle Jumpers are the all-women robotics team within the Templeton Robotics Club. We have created a new team with the goal of providing a safe and supportive space for girls and young women to engage with robotics, technology, business and marketing. The Puddle Jumpers are the first all-women robotics team in British Columbia.

The Puddle Jumpers were registered as a team in September of 2020.

Previous Programs

As our team grows bigger, we like to do minor programs that help interest, teach and insipre those new to robotics. Our goal is to eventually run more programs like this to help move robotics forward and create new opportunities for all.

East End Boys Club Robotics Summer Camp in the summer of 2021.

East End Boys Club & Templeton Robotics Summer Camp from Dream Big Productions on Vimeo.

What is FRC?

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an annual competition that brings together robotics teams from all around the world to compete against and co-operate with each other. Every season a challenge is put forward and each team is given a short time and limited resources to construct a functional robot that meets the strict requirements. According to FIRST, it's "as close to real-world engineering as a student can get". FRC is a challenging and exciting opportunity for high school students to learn about technology, express their creativity and gain experience in a work environment comparable to that of a small tech company.

The Templeton Robotics Club participates in the FRC as teams 7190 and 7332, the Vancouver Rainstorms and the Puddle Jumpers.

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